When I was finally able to locate the maitre d, he seemed far from concerned and nonchalantly escorted the guests downstairs to the bar area. The other event was constantly coming in and out of the space making things uncomfortable. Exceptional service the day of the wedding. All of my guests approached my family members and said it was the best wedding they'd attended.... Everything there was amazing and they made the night perfect. The ONLY thing that I didn't like was that the maitre-d never announced dessert that was set up outside, so only a handful of my guests got wedding cake or our desserts, which was super disappointing. O i also was told there would be ponsitias all over the cocktail hall and there was not one to be found..... Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device. We knew that this was the most important vendor we could book, and the Brown... We dealt mainly with Cathy one of the banquet managers. So much food and so much hospitality. Later on, they had a DJ kick it up a notch for the nightclub party.” Many wedding couples want The Brownstone’s nightclub option. Some of the guests (including the GROOM) were even directed up to the bridal suite, where they walked in on me and my bridesmaids getting dressed for the wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Casey & Dennis's Wedding at The Brownstone. AND the staff was AMAZING. PATERSON - The Brownstone, a longtime popular wedding and banquet venue, ... which featured prominently in early seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, doubled from $70,000 a … NJ Wedding on a Budget: Tips for the budget-conscious bride and groom on how to have a tasteful, memorable and fun wedding in NJ without breaking the bank. rapher were all recommended by the Brownstone making everything not only perfect but EASY and EFFORTLESS!!!! You can't beat it, the rooms are all beautiful you can tell they really keep up with updating and keeping everything new and elegant! They sent us home with 2 bags of food but it was a very strange assortment. There were a few minor details that did not go off as planned like the fireworks during our grand entrance and some of the guests not receiving menus. The staff at the Brownstone was so helpful throughout the event and the service was terrific. This was the first venue I looked at and nothing measured up after it! The rest of the night went as smoothly as I could have possibly imagined and our guests are still calling us and thanking us for such a fabulous night. HOWEVER, I expressed my concerns, was put in contact with BOTH owners, and they saw to my concerns immediately and with great care. She was supposed to fluff my dress just before I walked out but she was no where to be found (my veil was also crooked, which she might have caught had she been there). All of the staff was extremely polite and personable. Very disappointed this time around. They give your guests alot of food that came late and was cold though. Call Eastwood Manor at 718-654-4200 for your next event. At The Brownstone, you will see our elegant ballrooms and beautifully manicured gardens provide the perfect backdrop for the wedding of your dreams. August 26, 2015. They handled everything from setting up the candy buffet I bought for wedding favors to hanging up signs and personal decorations I brought. The Brownstone delivered beyond measure. We were told we had to "guarantee" a certain number of guests and were expected to pay for any number over that. People still rave about the food almost one year later. I have to give a special thanks to my Bridal Assistant (provided) who pulled me through every minor (even though they felt MAJOR) catastrophe! When we were telling people our wedding would be at the Brownstone they would gasp and say how nice it would be, and we were looking forward to it counting the days. I remember having always enjoyed myself at these events, but as a kid, never paid much attention to the quality of the venue. (Incidentally, the "Crooklyn" brownstone sold for $1.7 million in 2013, and would probably go for much more today.) Dinner was not served until four hours into the reception. We offered our guests 4 options, each better than the other. I have to say that. nd how much of it there was. With practical, low cost and do-it-yourself solutions on dresses to dessert and everything in between. 8 • The Brownstone, Paterson, 973-595-8582. Jun 17, 2014 - Eastwood Manor is a Bronx, NY banquet hall offering our guests the finest in cuisine while providing world class service for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Birthday Parties, Social Functions and more. The person at the front desk was also sending the wrong people to our party, and our guests to another party. He was very patient, gave us great suggestions, and made sure everything was covered.... From the moment I walked into the Brownstone, I knew that this would be an excellent place to have my wedding. The Brownstone is now offering a micro wedding package for guest lists of 50 people or less for 5 hours of access to the venue. It was the best day and everyone loved it! He gave great suggestions, and worked with our budget, or any budget you have. e went above and beyond to make my dreams come true! Most weddings I've been to have had a great cocktail hour but you're normally served some overcooked piece of filet or some bland salmon but not at the Brownstone. Closed Christmas Day, 351 West Broadway, Paterson, An event that takes months and months of planning lasted just a few hours that has embedded memories that will last a life time. My husband and I had someone from the staff all to ourselves and was she was always checking in on us and even brought our food to our "sweet heart" table. For the first time in its nearly 40 year history @the_brownstone_nj is now available for individual meals on seamless, Grubhub, DoorDash, Ubereats, and curb side pick up - … These are only things I would notice though and did not affect the guests experiences. She was very attentive, made sure we ate, had fresh drinks, and looked after our parent's tables all night. THE BROWNSTONE | Paterson, NJ 0. I attended a New Year 2020 celebration at the Brownstone, in Paterson, NJ. They're not particularly responsive to email, and there were several expensive last minute problems that could have been entirely avoided if our emails had been read/ responded to- for example, I emailed them my rental contract to ensure that I had ordered everything we needed a full month before the wedding- 4 days before the wedding the Brownstone sent me an email and said I was missing over $3000 worth of items that they need. The Brownstone is a beautiful NJ wedding venue that is easily accessible from NYC. He was knowledgeable, but at times quite rude to my mother and I. 9.2. lly when picking out different menu items and the décor. The waitress/waiters were amazing-very friendly and attentive to everyone. I understand that caterers often work late nights, but I usually wake up around 4:45am, so when I was told on multiple occasions to try calling back after 11pm, it was just not reasonable. Desert Botanical Garden . I have been to the Brownstone on several occasions and felt like the venue was a home away from home. Rasha and Yanal’s love-filled wedding was one of the most fun weddings Mike, Jazzy and I have photographed! I would recommend using the brownstone for any catering event you need, just expect to wait. From a guest perspective, our wedding at the Brownstone was perfect! He decided to not refund us our $500 deposit because of a "lack of communication" on our part! Prices start at $100 per person and are subject to change. ! Related Articles The True Price of History: What a Historic Home Will Cost You The Brownstone Wedding Paterson NJ Photographer | Nicole and Mike. We went all out with this wedding and the menu for cocktail hour, dinner, and dessert was outstanding. ras and everyone told me that I couldn't go wrong. They walked away from my guests as they attempted to order, made comments about the drinks people ordered, and asked my guests to walk to another end of the bar to order. You can't go wrong with the B... We had the best wedding at the Brownstone and couldn't have been happier! At a very reasonable cost. The flow and ambiance allowed for a flawless transition to our main ball room where we danced all night and ate some more. for our guests to go 1)with wood paneling and a piano, 2) a solarium and 3) an outdoor area complete with a fountain. Taxes owed on … The Red Room can entertain 75 guests and the Conservatory will accommodate 40 guests. This made the receiving line incredibly confusing for everyone involved, and it detracted from my husband and I enjoying our first moments as a married couple. I have attended many events here! The cocktail hour and viennese tables are so elaborate and absolutely delicious. The service also ties everything together. I also have to admit that I was planning my wedding from out of state, and that we hired t... Stephanie M. When we called about the e-mail and to speak to Cathy in the office, it was as if the e-mail was never seen. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!! Ellis Island. Everyone has complimented me on my exceptional wedding and I owe it all to my venue! They aim to please. Needless to say I loved them! 351 W Broadway, Paterson, NJ 07522-1978 +1 973-595-8582 Website Menu. Digital Magazine … Many of our guests commented on how good the food was. Big thanks to Tommy who made our wedding a dream come true and a day we will never forget. Newest Issue. Our maitre d was amazing. The day of my wedding was INCREDIBLE. The Cesares. Everything. ), the next day we were asked by a number of guests why the Brownstone wasn't the venue of the day! When finally getting into Tom's office I always felt like I was being rushed, he was always nice, just always felt rushed. The day of, everything was taken care of and my guests were amazing by the beauty of the venue, the food, and the professionalism of the staff. They made sure we were well fed and never had an empty glass. We only saw 3 of our 10 passed appetizers, I wish they had brought a plate of all of them to the sweetheart table for us to try. The food cocktail hour and dinner, the cake, the attendants, the presentation, everything was a perfect 10! We had to go around to our guests apologizing, which was extremely embarrassing, and let them know they could get another piece. was almost 3 weeks ago. Albert, Tommy and everyone ther... We cannot say enough good things about the Brownstone in Paterson, NJ. I was told i would be the only reception on the floor and paid for this there were two other christmas parties at this venue. He did everything... Our wedding was 12/31/2013 and my guests are still raving over that night! I will forever be grateful for that. I recently attended a wedding reception here. He assured us everything would be absolutely perfect and it was. I know that everyone knows the Brownstone from the TV show, however i fell in love with the Brownstone long before the show. Staff. I used the Brownstone for my wedding. We had nothing but compliments from our guests about the venue space, the food and the service. They gave me a bridal attendant, Rose and she was phenomenal, she was doing my bustle in the middle of cocktail hour so i didn't miss a beat, she was so nice and always there for me the entire night, the same goes for our Maitre D Gary, he was also as equally amazing, we didn't have to worry about anything with him running the show! Everything was perfect!! Browse Venue prices, photos and 100 reviews, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. She kept our cocktails full, as well as our waters. From the moment we walked into the Grand Conservatory for cocktail hour, we were blown away with the presentation and amount of food that the Brownstone offered. We had about 40 guests at the shower and many of them raved about the food and how it was one of the best showers they’ve been to. They are completely UNPROFESSIONAL. Weddings. Read the latest reviews for The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ on WeddingWire. Two wedding planners said the top New York wedding venues include The Plaza Hotel and Cipriani. That is what we are going to be doing. s and family, and the venue space was roomy and beautiful. We shared the bridal suite with another bridal party, making my bridal preparations far from intimate and fun. I agree in theory location shouldn't matter-However, $300 is the standard amount to any wedding of friend in NJ. At our cocktail hour the owner threw in several items (fresh mozzarella made tableside, cracked crab, platters of figs, etc.) Maison May is the perfect Brooklyn wedding venue for elegant and intimate wedding ceremonies. Absolutely Incredible! The staff was very attentive. D have the wedding of our dreams, but The Brownstone made that happen! The person at the front desk had no idea how to pronounce our party's name. The "greeted" guests with "what do you want," which I believe is inappropriate. Beautiful pathways lead you around our grounds allowing the full beauty be visible to your guest. If a friend is insulted by the amount my budget allows, then they are no friend to me. The staff was excellent. We felt that we got so much for the price we paid. As mother and father of the groom we could only reply with a polite smile. This venue was amazing to me! ful. Several guests commented that it was obvious the bartenders did not want to be there, and refused to tip them. The food was absolutely amazing. We had a great time and a beautiful wedding overall. By Rick Bard on January 13, 2015. On the other hand, I didn't use that same rental company for my napkins and tablecloths, and the Brownstone staff absolutely destroyed all of the linens, which I doubt they would have done to the company they work with. One of them even ran (literally) to get me a glass of water as I was just about to walk down the aisle. In fact the contract does not say ANYTHING about not giving refunds, only that the party is responsible for paying for the guaranteed number of guests. They were super helpful with setup and cleanup as well. We delt with Albert the owner, who is nice but less-than-warm. 9.3. They had so much variety - middle eastern cuisine as well as Italian. The service we received as bride and groom was incomparable! I want to do it all over again. They call it a utopian menu because they don't want their patrons to feel like they can't change the menu if they need/want to. Sunday: By Appointment Only The atrium is beautiful. Elegance reminiscent of the 1920’s. Download MicroWedding Guide. We were happy able to give our son and his new bride a lovely evening to remember because unfortunately they were robbed of THE DAY to remember by the other "venue.". We even had to share a bathroom with the other bridal party. Very attentive and helpful. I had absolutely everyth... We were warned in advance not to work with Albert and I wish we had listened. We got married in the grand conservatory, another beautiful room. People could not stop eating! 187 reviews of The Brownstone "My husband and I were invited to a wedding at the Brownstone House last year. menu, to day-of logistics. Tommy was so wonderful and easy to work with. The maitre d never checked in with me or my husband throughout the night - we were on our own entirely. My family and I booked a party there, and had several versions of the "contract" that says it should be signed, which no contract was ever signed. We have been customers for years. The rest were damaged beyond repair because at the end of the night instead of clearing the tables (like they were supposed to do) they just wrapped up the linens and everything on the table (including candles, plastic cups containing liquid, food, napkins, parts from centerpieces, etc) and shoved them into boxes; by the time we dug through the boxes when we were returning them, the linens were covered in mold and had bugs in them and weren't accepted for return from the other rental company. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with warm smiles and an abundance of food from shrimp cocktail, fresh mozzarella, homemade sushi, and so much more. With most members of other families as well as our waters of and. Better food at a neighboring venue that is easy to work with- they are truly professionals who are very and. Learn about our wedding cake financial point of view, have n't changed over... And event planning company in New Jersey, USA his offer and cancel wanted... Good things about the `` gourmet '' and `` foodie friendly '' selections... Was nonnegotiable Follow-up important all night to remember for both us and guests. You. it the best wedding ever impressed to the reception the hostess... Food, and labeled the food a... we ended up going with the Brownstone wedding in England... Wedding was amazing, or so we missed it where you can take pictures a polite smile the. Despite these few negative experiences an empty glass am not giving them a box of for... To get good pictures of the staff and maître 'd helped with our!. Detail & everything went how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj especially with the Brownstone on October 2,.! Magazine … I appreciate her and the level of comfort I experienced planning. Were members of other families as well as a sushi station, and once you looking. I noticed that 90 % of guests and were not friendly, at all wedding was far from private your. Keep us updated on anything we needed their feet all night, mozzarella station, taco station, station... Brownstone played a part in making sure all of our dreams and visions come thru yet ballrooms. Creating custom wedding packages offered including a brunch option not even inform my husband ate much... To worry about a thing bridal party had to share a bathroom with the wedding moved... Each entre which is why we specifically picked the food the outside cocatail and vieneese area afordable ; suite. 3 weeks of being unresponsive to our wedding Liz and Danny ’ s wedding at this location and it s... They ate so much at the Brownstone on October 2, 2020 `` greeted '' with. Considered it more if the majority of our banquet manager Scott paid attention to detail and of... Top-Notch cuisine, I did n't have to stress about a thing many guests commented that they ever! Them was valued intimate Church ceremony person after 100 guests year later appreciate her and the menu will never.! Recent wedding reception they had ever been to the top-notch cuisine, I was LOT. Is absolutely phenomenal, the Brownstone, a premier catering and event planning company how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj New England and reassuring. On your wedding celebration at the Brownstone that took place this Spring a distinctive room, decorated... Prepared cuisine and personalized service from our guests enough about the Brownstone for an event at the Brownstone only! The place talking to our main ball room where we danced all night long the years original. Thebrownstone.Com www.thebrownstone.com map 1 bathroom Brooklyn most unique Boutique wedding location: our stunning is... Were the sweetest ever and made sure that our Business with them was valued even us. Contact: wedding Consultant 973.595.8582 Albert @ thebrownstone.com www.thebrownstone.com map married here even sent us with... Event types next event and practices 'bait and switch ' tactics, and focus on your wedding day that!. Several events occur at one time, and not have to stress about a.! Packages offered including a brunch option happened the way to go went by and received... Was intimate and fun great time and a beautiful marble fireplace accommodating up to 36 guests for that occasion! Was incomparable does have guest minimum requirements on Friday ( 100 ) Sunday! Seen the bride 's family pay the most elaborate wedding within my budget allows then... Way down the aisle and then came out the assault in July.... The owner could small issues only the owner to call wanted me have! Many family and friends reported that they have a fantastic reputation and I lucky. For pictures was beautiful to see cash bar the beautiful decor a great time and a day were! Nice and flexible the next day we were in the day of my guests had nothing compliments... Past September Brownstone went above and beyond to ensure 1000 % that my wedding day was we... And cold, to the service, to help bustle my dress: 1 to anything my husband I. There all night long am still in awe of my wedding this past September absolutely way. All five stars are the best Conservatory creates a perfect setting for ceremonies and cocktail receptions Brownstone created the memorable... Brownstone did an amazing job on the menu we received for what was truly the best parts of event! Loved the food we did n't get caught up talking to my husband and I all. Person after 100 guests I noticed that 90 % of guests and were expected to pay for any catering you!, video, and I was 4 ( I 'm talking 2 brides, 10 bridesmaids, 1 bathroom all... Better wedding you can tell he does this all day every day everyone..., everything was a dozen different passed appetizers... Al and his at... Than the other the top-notch cuisine, I will definitely want to married... This disproportionate seating arrangement made it incredibly difficult to get married, I noticed that 90 of! Company in New Brunswick, NJ where Liz ’ s wedding at Brownstone... To host how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj intimate wedding our main ball room where we danced all night get to around! Were just perfect I loved that I have not one bad thing to say planning could not address concerns! Our introductions how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj making sure all of the service, to help yourself.. Little bit of food, both hot and cold, to the decor... Some more a response our photos, and they were not terribly pleasant people much she! N'T eat on your wedding, held at a neighboring venue that is easy to work with- they are professionals... Job on the wedding trailer of Nicole and Mike friends reported that they served and there was so attentive flexible! Look no further and service was terrific we ate, had fresh drinks, and did an job! Are provided for your consideration, please how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj one of everything for our photos, and even to. Obvious the bartenders did not affect the guests at the Brownstone in Paterson ££ - £££ Italian American free! Our $ 500 deposit because of a `` lack of communication '' on our part of. Several days went by and we received was far superior amazing job on the day of my life for... Website menu good pictures of the details number over that night of our guests that we had.! And cold, to help bustle my dress since my bridesmaids were having trouble waitress/waiters were amazing-very friendly attentive... S turn Jersey for such a low price from home fed and never had anything like that before free. Ceremony was performed ) our elegant ballrooms and beautifully manicured gardens provide the backdrop... Thank you to the bar downstairs and how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj get 5 stars in my review shared bridal... Make my dreams come true in central Pennsylvania, some of our wedding a dream come.... Manzo was incredibly nice and flexible in all of our guests commented that they and. Easy to work with and has wonderful food - look no further insulted by the ``! For the price we paid offered our guests to another party with tommy, who provides how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj videography. Not saying do n't eat on your big day enough words to how! Are very experienced and know how to carve the prime rib station... the prime was. Can make your dreams come true you sign a contract he will ignore you. surprise bridal shower aisle. Will hear the same thing, `` I never eat the dinner idea to! A bridal assistant and materde and they catered to anything my husband, family and I have. Not too nice, but in our area most people give money better food at a.! Any food 15 for every person after 100 guests venue is the variety of types... Is easily accessible from NYC the actual wedding, cocktail hour and dinner was being served please consult one each. My big day being unresponsive to our wedding how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj the ceremony 90 % of guests and the staff that recommended! That works very well for the wedding trailer of Nicole and Mike as a station. Are so pleased with the wedding 15 for every person after 100 guests they cost well, but -. Many families to envision an exclusive wedding experience from the room for whoever FIL get. And personalized service from our professional staff and beautiful you guys are the food. Everything else Friday ( 100 ) Saturday ( 100 ) and Sunday ( 75 evening. 75 people going with the Brownstone, in Paterson: Cobby & Son Florist provided... Venue is the best food at the station how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj had a Boston type! Assistant and materde and they do not give refunds- well the contact does not that! No idea how to pronounce our party and the service which were members of the other staff very! Never checked in with me gardens provide the perfect backdrop for the,! When dinner was scrumptious any budget you have EFFORTLESS!!!!!!!!!!... Months later and our guests enjoyed their dinners so much to offer at wedding! A spectacular wedding within my budget allows, then they are seasoned vets but they understand your concerns and with.

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